Matt & Erin Quarterman are Star Called Sun, a duo that mixes genres, instruments, languages and cultures. They sing together and play electric guitar and accordion. Their music is slowcore, where quiet is the new loud, slow is the new fast, and taste is not the enemy of art.

Along with original songs they include revamped covers ranging from Garbage to Disney tunes to Russian rockers KINO (from whom they get their name). Star Called Sun melds the scope of The Arcade Fire with Sun Kil Moon’s intimacy, like a missing link between The Cure and Gillian Welch.

Matt grew up in Portugal and Ukraine, Erin in Indiana and Mississippi. They met at a small Southern college and began playing music together right away, spending late nights on the steps of campus buildings teaching themselves to play Bob Dylan songs. They’ve traveled the country and the world, including Boston where Matt graduated from Berklee College of Music and Erin from Boston University.

Their debut EP “Girls” primarily uses delicate, hushed instrumentation where guitar chords and accordion lines form a backdrop for their voices to weave between. Opener “Leave with the Lights On” takes inspiration from country and folk, but adds a menacing twist in lines like, “Divorce can be good for a marriage/Damnation can save your soul.” “Eve and Cain” is a new take on the relationship between its title characters where “Sins of the mother can also get passed along.” “Please God” speaks both to the sacred and the broken as the narrator begs, “Please, God, don’t let her hurt herself…/I’m to blame, nobody else.” And the album closes with a reverent, meditative cover of a song Cyndi Lauper made famous: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Their first album “Misplaced Americans” was very positively reviewed in Northeast Performer magazine, which described Matt as “a very promising singer/songwriter.” Matt also appeared on Boston TV program Roots Rock Live and was featured in InSITE Boston magazine. Matt and Erin currently live and work in Seattle, WA and are writing and recording new material.

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